Reaction to President Obama’s call to snitch on family members is drawing provocative responses from many concerned Americans. Here is one we just received addressed to senator John Cornyn of Texas with regard to his (Senator Cornyn’s) letter to President Obama today:

 Dear Senator Cornyn,

Thank you Senator Cornyn for your timely letter to President Obama. The Gestapo tactics of Obama Chief of Staff Rahm I. Emanuel, now and future resident of “Oceania,” must be stopped at the driveway to every American home.

We hope you will continue your fight against all un-American activities and policies of the current White House. How far we have fallen in statue in such a short time!! The desecration of the American Presidency and the White House perpetrated by one William Jefferson Clinton now pales in comparison to that underway by Barack Obama. 

You appear to be such a true and worthy Senator. We wish we could clone you and bring you to North Carolina. Our best to you and your family. Cordially, Ann & John.

P.S. Please do not pass this on to the White House or let Rahm Emanuel see it. Thanks, Ann & John