The Norwegians, who have previously handed out awards based on wishful thinking, outdid themselves this time. Hoping to further their 70-year-old agenda of appeasement and weakness (They hate standing armies.) for the world, our president was nominated (I wish I knew by whom, but I’m betting it wasn’t Hillary.) two weeks after inauguration and before he was fully unpacked in the White House. It took him longer to buy his dog than win the Nobel Peace Prize

The Wee gins cited Obama for wishing for a nuke-free world, yet he has not said what he will do against rogue states like North Korea (with nukes) and Iran (almost there). To be fair, defanging these snakes requires global action and not many who share Obama’s dream will lift a finger to make it happen. So, what prodded their action to give an honor  that confounded both Obama’s friends and foes?

With little less to occupy their time, the Wee gins decided to meddle in US internal affairs with a badge of cowardice for Obama hoping it will trap him in a change of policy for the war in Afghanistan.

Or maybe it was just in appreciation of that endless loop of New Jersey school children singing, “Barack Hussein Obama, Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm.”

Whatever they intended, they succeeded only in further fueling the ongoing embarrassment of a sophomoric president of the United States.