In an interview on the balcony of the Dirkson Congressional Center, Senator Robert P. Casey revealed Wednesday to a goo-goo-eyed Greta Van Susteren that Senate Democrats are withholding Stimulus monies until they can flood the electorate, beginning late August, 2010, with funds secretly designated to reelect Democratic incumbents in the 2010 mid-term elections. The revelation was a serious gaffe that went unchallenged by Fox’s Van Susteren as she was apparently experiencing a “panties meltdown” in the presence of a handsome US Congressman on a starlit night, in the shadow of the Capitol Building, where everything was just so-o-o beautiful. So much so that Van Susteren could not verbalize the question, “Why?”

 Meanwhile, more than 16,000,000 Americans remain out of work.

 VAN SUSTEREN: Isn’t it – it’s beautiful, isn’t it.

CASEY: It really is.

VAN SUSTEREN: I start most of my interviews up here because I’m always in awe because it’s so gorgeous up here.

CASEY: It’s a wonderful view. We’re grateful that we’re here.

VAN SUSTEREN: Would you say that the stimulus bill of last February has had its intended effect, or are you disappointed in it?

CASEY: Well, disappointed it’s not moving fast enough. A lot of the spending, a lot of the jump-starting effect, will not take place until the latter half of 2010. So we’ve got a ways to go on it.

VAN SUSTEREN: Zzzzzzzzz.

Did she ask, why? Did she challenge, “Why is that, senator? There are 16.0MM people out of work right now!!” Did she feign understanding, “Oh, you’ll be able to pump all those $$$ you are holding from the Stimulus Plan into Dem re-election efforts this fall. Very good, senator.” Did she counter, “But what about all those men and women trying to feed their families today? Did she conclude, “You believe they will just have to wait until you get reelected? Oh, well that is certainly understandable!”

NADA! None of the above. Great Van Susteren just continued to experience an attack of the vapors bar none in the presence of a handsome Congressman, unable to mount the simplest inquiry as to why Democrats are sitting on a pile of money until August 2010. Sorry, folks, it just does not take a rocket scientist to understand what is going on and why it is criminal. 

The only other example of high journalistic incompetence on the part of Fox News occurred earlier this year when Martha MacCallum reporting on the desecration of a portrait of The Holy Mother by singer/actress Madonna concluded: “Wow, look what great abs Madonna has!” Evermore known as “that abs idiot” at Fox. Unbelievable!

MacCallum is excusable. After all she is not an intellect of any sort. But, Greta Van Susteren is supposed to be an established lawyer with presumably credible cross-examination skills. Unfortunately, not on a starlit night in the shadow of the Capitol Building.

This sinister plan of the Democrats to withhold Stimulus money until mid-term elections 2010 is criminal. And every one of them should be held accountable for their criminal actions, while millions of Americans continue to suffer the pain and indignation of unemployment. Senator Robert P. Casey should be removed from office and sent to jail along with every member of the Senate Appropriations Committee who shares his evil plan. And the proceedings to remove each one from office should begin today!

December 16, 1773.  The Boston Tea Party was a key event in the growth of the First American Revolution. The election of Scott Brown to the US Senate will initiate the growth of the Second American Revolution. It is noteworthy that both of these events will have had their genesis in Massachusetts.

The Coercive Acts are described a series of laws passed by the British Parliament relating to her colonies in North America. These acts, which included punitive measures designed to destroy Boston’s commerce, sparked outrage and resistance in the Colonies and were an important development in the growth of the First American Revolution. 

Today, we are faced with new punitive acts designed to destroy America’s commerce and her economy as a whole. With a national debt already exceeding $12 Trillion, the Obama administration and Congress lust for yet more debt to be levied against our children and grandchildren. Their thirst for power and “control of the people” via economic slavery is stinking up the entire Western Hemisphere. With no relief in sight until now.

Now Massachusettians can act again to overturn treachery at its roots by defeating Martha Coakley for the US Senate. Massachusettians can once again send a signal that “enough is enough” to President Obama and Congress.

Hopefully no guns will be needed to be fired this time around. Just a simple message that it is important to listen to the “voice of the people.” Legislation without representation is rampant across America and needs to be stopped now. The election of Scott Brown to the US Senate from Massachusetts will represent a giant step forward in allowing the “voice of the People” to be heard nationwide. It is a small beginning with enormous repercussions. As goes Massachusetts, so goes the nation!  Maybe it will even be heard in the Beltway.

The Boston Tea Party was a symbolic act, an example of how far Americans were willing to speak out for their freedom. Too short years later, Americans were willing to give their lives for their freedom, as shots rang out on Lexington Green. We can only hope that the election of January 19, 2010, will fire a similar warning across America of the abuse of power underway by a “gang of three” in the White House and Congress who continue to ignore “the voice of the people” and conduct their treachery against Boston and America under a cloak of darkness.

Washington’s Coercive Acts include, but are not limited to: TARP, STIMULUS I, Nationwide Unemployment above 10%, Government Controlled Health Care, CAP and TAX, The End of Medicare For the Elderly, Death Panels, and most egregious of all, Forced Complicity of the “unrepresented” in murder of the partially born! Which we must reject!

One Nancy Pelosi is more than enough. Hopefully, Bostonia!ns and all Massachusettians will signal America that “Legislation Without Representation” shall not live here.

Where’s the OUTRAGE? President Barack Obama and his worshipers in the liberal media have railed against “Wall Street Fat Cats” all year for taking taxpayer money and then handing out big bonuses to executives. Yet when the US Government does this, the silence is deafening! So where is the liberal media and why aren’t they outraged? Still basking in the tingle rising up all those legs along the Beltway, we suppose.

So, what happened this time that the 2008 Ostrich Club missed?

Well now, let’s see. Here’s a love song for ya. While visions of sugarplums danced in our heads, Obama’s Treasury Department was busy handing out $42 million in cash bonuses to executives at government-controlled mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Huh?

Then, in a move to ensure government control of these firms for the duration of Obama’s term, the Treasury Department proceeded to lift the cap on how much taxpayer money can be funneled into Fannie and Freddie. Now they essentially have an unlimited line of credit! All under the cover of darkness.  MMM, MMM, MMM

And where were ABC, CBS, and NBC? Zzzzzzzzz! Their unwillingness to hold the government accountable exposes their leftist bias and agenda! Only Fox reported it.

These are the same two institutions that were key players in the U.S. housing meltdown — backing billions of dollars in bad loans, while their in-house criminals, (Franklin Raines, chief executive of Fannie Mae, and Timothy Howard, chief financial officer of Freddie Mac) championed by Christopher Dodd and Barney Frank, made millions of dollars cooking the corporate books and running the institutions into the ground. The American people have already contributed over $100 billion to keep both agencies afloat. And now they are going to shove unlimited government subsidization of the two up our derrieres!

Happily for them, the liberal media have acted like these stealth announcements are no big deal. This, after a year of intensely berating private financial institutions for their reckless actions and greedy ways and demanding that “Fat Cat” executive bonuses be stopped!

It’s bad enough that the Obama administration tried to sneak these two announcements through on Christmas Eve. The real outrage is that we can’t rely on the so-called “established” media to tell us what’s going on.  So-o-o, Roll on Fox!!