More than 600 teachers employed by Milwaukee Public Schools, the state’s largest school district, staged a “sickout” on Friday, February 18, forcing classes to be canceled and parents to stay home with their children. A sure recipe to add to more job losses in an already bankrupt state.

While Milwaukee’s teachers paraded their opposition to budget amendments proposed by Governor Walker to help alleviate the state’s huge budget deficit, local doctors passed out fraudulent “sick slips” to anyone demonstrating without asking their identity or if they were really ill. A titillating new lesson for Milwaukee schoolchildren about rampant corruption in US Government and the Obama administration that champions their efforts.

The issue on the table in the State Senate is not Union busting as Dick Durbin and Nancy Pelosi accuse. Rather it is how to balance a state’s budget that is swimming in debt and a “Right to Work” law for public sector employees.

No American should ever be forced to join a union as a condition of their employment. If a National Right to Work law were passed, it would end this practice in Wisconsin and elsewhere and significantly weaken the unions’ abilities to shutdown the government and schools like they have done in Wisconsin.

More importantly, it would help to put an end to union bosses imposing unlawful contributions upon union employees to fund the Democratic Party. Something President Obama and his henchmen in the  Washington Regime fear more than losing a few bargaining rights of the labor unions.

Obama needs to keep taxpayers’ monies pouring into big labor so that big labor can continue to fund the election campaigns of Democrats nationwide. Unfortunately for Obama, elections do have consequences and the consequences of massive losses by democrats in November 2010, are now coming home to roost for more than one state house.

The current lawlessness on the part of teachers, doctors, and state senators in Wisconsin is crude and unattractive and should be condemned by all law-abiding citizens. 2012 is just around the corner. Get out and vote!