Dear Mr. Murdoch:

“Smart” is not deliberately deflating Newt Gingrich following your debate night. “Fair” is not covering attacks only on Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul. “Balanced” is not suppressing Newt’s and Ron’s moments of leadership. We do not need your veiled attempts to choose our next president. We’ll do it ourselves. Oh, on the other hand, cute is deliberately camouflaging visuals of black participants in Minnesota flash mobs.

Fox News Channel’s (FNC) Rupert Murdoch pushing his cable news entity hard to the left by distorting words and opinions of Republican candidates for 2012 elections and censoring coverage of “Black Flash Mobs” that disrupt local economies and create panic in our streets and malls.

FNC’s reporting that Newt Gingrich would fire Judges who do not agree with him is perhaps one of the biggest distortion of cable news to date. Gingrich would remove Judges who deliberately subvert the Constitution only, not those he disagree with.

During FNC sponsored Iowa debates, Newt Gingrich received tremendous applause for his position on “Rogue” judges who willfully subvert the Constitution, but FNC reused to air these responses in their follow-up reports of their own sponsored debate.

FNC’s reports of “flash” mobs in Minnesota allowed foggy film only of the participants. The distorted film was to cover the truth. These were flash mobs perpetrated by black youths. Black mobs deliberately disrupting commerce and creating panic on American streets confirms current belief among American whites that the only truly dedicated “racists” in America today are America’s blacks. Unfortunately, FNC deliberately looks the other way.

FNC’s growing dependency upon political correctness when covering  grave domestic issues, political truths, and its deliberate censorship of flash mobs that are black seeded represents a sad commentary upon their shaky motto of  “Fair and Balanced” journalism.

Further, FNC refusals to air positive response to Newt Gingrich in Iowa and camouflaging black flash mobs in Minnesota are eerily similar to NBC news products. Preferring lies to truth, makes FNC the new NBC of Cable News. Shame on you FNC!

If you are a Newt fan and detest censorship, give Rupert Murdoch a taste of his own medicine. Give ol’ Rupert a month off. Tune out of Fox News Channel began at 0400 on 12-20-11. Return will occur 0400 January 20, 2012. Join us!