It is a time of highest irony that the insatiable desire of Barack Obama to destroy America has been thwarted by a lack of trust. Have no doubt about it, Obama has been hell-bent for the past six years to increase the number of US citizens on government assistance to maximum levels. To add over 20,000,000 people to the jobless market. To push the American financial community and its economy to the brink of bankruptcy and failure. And to crush the American military. Thereby, implementing his proclaimed “Transformation of America” from a world economic and military power with the highest employment in the world to a Third-world power economically and militarily with a weakened, dependent, and lethargic society modeled upon the Socialist societies of Europe.

Fortunately, somewhere along the path to his desired destruction of America, Barack Obama lost the complete trust of the American people in an ill-fated and futile attempt to hide his desires under a layered quilt of LIES.

How did Barack Obama lose the complete trust of the American people? Like most evil phenomena it did not happen overnight. Rather, it occurred through a series of scandals and ensuing sophomoric cover-ups of those scandals executed over the past six years within a criminal culture, active and growing within the White House and the U.S. Justice Department. After six years of such an omnipotent, repressive and onerous government, even the poor, the jobless, the looters, and, last but not least, even the characteristically “uninformed” have turned against their president with 61% of the American public believing he is a liar:

FAST AND FURIOUS SCANDAL: When hundreds of US semi-automatic weapons are shipped across the border into Mexico, resulting in the death of an US Boarder Agent, and it is covered up, no one held accountable, no one brought to justice, it makes a difference.

BENGHAZI SCANDAL: When four American citizens, including the US Ambassador, are killed in Benghazi and it is covered up, nothing is done about it, no accountability, no one punished, none of the killers brought to justice, it makes a difference.

IRS SCANDAL: When thousands of US citizens are refused their legal rights by the US Internal Revenue Service and it is covered up, nothing is done about it, no one held accountable, no one brought to justice, and the practice is still in effect, it makes a difference.

NSA SCANDAL: When millions of Americans and the foreign press are copiously and maliciously spied upon by the US government and it is covered up, no one is held accountable, nothing is done to change this kind of Orwellian invasion of personal privacy, it makes a difference.

OBAMACARE SCANDAL: When the president promises that we can keep our insurance plans, AND OUR DOCTORS, and he knows it is not true, nothing is done about it, no one held accountable, no one punished, it makes a difference.

And the DIFFERENCE is the total, complete loss of TRUST by the American people of the US government at the highest levels of the executive branch and the justice department. That is why Barack Obama and Eric Holder will never again command the TRUST of the American people. Their credibility has been totally compromised, and they did it to themselves!