Blog Update: We offer this follow-up to our blog posted on December 23, 2012.

On Sunday, May 12, 2013, some eight months after the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, Senator John McCain singled out former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as complicit in a cover up of the debacle in Benghazi.

McCain suggested Clinton would have been aware of the State Department’s emails requesting changes to the talking points used by Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the United Nations, on Sunday morning news shows following the attack.

Handling of the Benghazi controversy as a “cover up,” was confirmed as well by ABC News who reported that the State Department was involved in editing the CIA’s Benghazi talking points used in the days after the attack on the American diplomatic compound in Libya last year.

New emails obtained by ABC News showed that the talking points used by Ambassador Susan Rice on the Sunday morning news shows on the weekend after the 9/11/12 terror attack in Benghazi underwent at least 12 edits–including revisions by the Obama administration’s State Department.

Those revisions included scrubbing all references to an Al Qaeda-affiliated group and all references to previous CIA warnings about a terror threat. ABC’s Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl said on Friday morning that the talking points were “dramatically edited by the administration” and that State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland played a major role in them.

The current president of CBS News David Rhodes is but one of the heads of the far-left Socialists/Progressive/Liberal media who have guided the MSM away from covering the Benghazi fiasco. It is no accident that his brother Ben Rhodes is a confidant of Barack Obama as Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications and Speechwriting.

Gregory Hicks, deputy chief of mission in Libya gave riveting testimony before congress the day before the revelations by ABC news. His testimony was immediately attacked by the MSM.

That we are left today with such a pathetic representation of leadership among the American political community and the mainstream media should be highly repugnant to al of us.