Obama least suitable president for “All The People.”

From day one, President Barack Hussein Obama has reneged on his promise to be a president of “all the people.” Picking and choosing companies, institutions, ideologies, and now even people to help, he has forfeited his right to govern.

Politically motivated at every turn, Obama’s policies and decisions have proven sophomoric and even dangerous throughout his four years in office. From a stimulus bill that benefited union workers by first keeping them at work and then absolving their onerous pensions, to choosing companies like Solyndra and Fisker Automotive as beneficiaries of his green energy stimulus program that later made payments to his reelection campaign before going under, to adding 10 million to welfare rolls and 20 million to food stamp programs, he has favored only a few rather than all the people. Providing billions in aid to Brazil to develop its energy assets, where he has monitory interests in Brazilian refineries, while sitting on potential US energy assets like the Keystone Pipeline is only one more example of governing for a few.

Then we come to “favoritism of a few” in his dealings with people. The despicable and cowardly management of the debacle in Benghazi that took the lives of four Americans at the US Consulate is truly unforgivable, although the father of Navy Seal Tyrone Woods has already extended the hand of forgiveness to a recalcitrant and cowardly president. Followed now by his trite and brattish behavior of withholding federal aid, as a result of damages and suffering occurring right now from the terrible forces of hurricane Sandy, to North Carolina and Virginia two states that happen to not be in his column for reelection,

We wonder at how 70,000,000 people could have been so stupid in 2008. Hopefully, sufficient time and exposure to Obama’s personal pettiness, arrogance, mean-spiritedness and cowardice will change the page on a sufficient number of those votes to remove him from office in 2013. Barack Hussein Obama’s support of and adherence to policies and dangerous decisions that help only those with whom his has an ideological or genetic affinity has caused pain and suffering for far too many others.