Encouraged by the Obama Administration to suppress all news about the ongoing war between Radical Islam and the Christian West, the leftwing media now has yet another believability crisis. Where is the outrage, written in cold hard words, about the real war that goes on unabated by radical Islam? America’s leftwing media runs for cover at every occurrence. Diving this time under the shield of “Post Traumatic Stress.”

Better and easier to attack the American military than to face the truth: Major Nidal Malik Hasan has never seen a single day of combat. He did, however, spend months and years as a regular member of the Islamic Mosques of Virginia. Where his sick and cowardly need to murder Americans was carefully nurtured by Radical Islamic Extremists. WOW! Imagine the number of virgins that await him upon his rise to glory.

On the other hand, he does understand the concept of combat somewhat. At least six months ago Hasan came to the attention of law enforcement officials because of Internet postings about suicide bombings and other threats, including posts that equated suicide bombers to soldiers who throw themselves on a grenade to save the lives of their comrades. Ergo, suicide bombers are heroes. Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm.

And where is the outrage from that wonderful, peaceful, hardworking, valuable American Muslim population that is so vital to our economy and the very soul of our nation? Can we expect a single Muslim anywhere in the world to step forward and apologize for Major Hasan’s dastardly act of multiple murder? The silence is deafening.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Hasan’s aunt, Noel Hasan of Falls Church, Va., said he had been harassed about being a Muslim in the years after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and he wanted to get out of the Army. “Some people can take it and some people cannot,” she said. “He had listened to all of that and he wanted out of the military.”

No outrage there. American military to blame. Kudos for The Washington Post. Ms. Hasan is right about one thing though. Her pathetic major should have been drummed out of the American military years ago.

Well, hopefully President Obama will step forward and at least apologize to his Muslim Brothers for the torturous activities of the American military that pushed Major Hasan over the brink to his vile and cowardly acts. That would be nice.

The American military made Hasan do it! Isn’t it pretty to think so.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs claimed Tuesday night that President Obama was not watching the election returns in Virginia and New Jersey. He was watching HBO, according to Gibbs.

Placing his interest and attention on Tony and Carmela rather than his country is not that shocking in as much as Obama has always felt more at home, from the beginnings of his formative days, with the anti-America crowd. From his Sunday morning religious supplications with The Right Reverend Jeremiah Wright to his community organizing activities with the thugs and criminals that run inner city Chicago politics, Obama showed us early on just how he felt about how easily he could manipulate the political process in America.

Last night should have been a wake up call even for the White House. You can bet Obama is studying the results now. These two off-year elections were unquestionable rebukes of the Pelosi/Reid controlled and run Congress and of Obama Policies. Each result having the capacity to reshuffle Obama’s political status in ways likely to have severe near-term consequences for his policy agenda and larger governing strategy. When asked if they were mad, Virginian focus group members almost unanimously replied, “Yes!” When asked whom they voted for, they then replied, “McDonnell!

In Virginia and New Jersey, Independents ran away from the Democratic Party. Democrats suffered humiliating gubernatorial losses in traditionally democratic New Jersey where Obama spent his prestige in three appearances hugging incumbent Governor Jon Corzine, including an eleventh-hour campaign rally on Sunday. And in Virginia, which had been trending to the left, just last year being held up as an example of how Obama was redrawing the political map in his favor, he suffered a crushing defeat.

As president, Obama lost the support of Republicans in February during the debate over the stimulus package. Over the summer, economic concerns and the health care debate cost the president support among unaffiliated voters. By October, Obama’s overall job approval rating had slipped to 48% among likely voters.

On November 4, 2009, the anniversary of his election, his approval index was at -13, just one point above the lowest level yet recorded and down 41 points since his Inauguration.

Even so, this ultimate affront to the American people on the evening of November 3, 2009, particularly to those who supported his candidacy in 2008 and the passion they exhibited in electing Barack Hussein Obama President of the United States is not that surprising. He chose to watch The Sopranos rather than elections critical to the good health of his country because, worse than Pelosi and Reid who at least watch, only to ignore, Obama does not need to watch anything that might displease him. After all, He is the Messiah.

In your face America! Tony and Carmela were much more compelling. By now you should know, I am anti-establishment, anti-military, anti-life, anti-liberty, anti-wealth, anti-prosperity, anti-producers, anti-white and along with Michele, anti-American. Birds of a feather really do flock together. Elections do have consequences. And, oh yeah, I won!

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Abdullah’s withdrawal from Afghanistan runoff election is a further indication of the Obama administration’s inexperience in global affairs.  The resignation of Abdullah Abdullah from Sunday’s ballot effectively hands the incumbent a victory. Thereby raising doubts about the U.S. government’s ability to manage or even to understand delicate, regional political issues at a time when the U.S. is seeking an effective partner in the war against International Islamic Terrorism.

Not a surprise since the Obama administration has purged the word terrorism from all correspondence and news information about this increasingly dangerous global concern.

Now a clouded electoral picture further complicates the Obama administration’s efforts to decide whether to send tens of thousands more troops to Afghanistan to battle the Taliban and its al-Qaida allies. Islamic terrorists all.

Former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah said he made his decision after Karzai turned down his demands for changes to the Independent Election Commission and other measures that he said would prevent the kind of massive fraud that marred the first round of balloting on Aug. 20.

During reconciliation talks, Abdullah demanded the removal of three key election officials, suspension of three Cabinet members and constitutional changes that would give him a say in the appointment of ministers and in major policy decisions, according to an Afghan close to the Karzai campaign.

Negotiations broke down early Sunday morning when Karzai ultimately rejected the deal. If they had succeeded, Abdullah would have conceded rather than simply withdrawn his candidacy, the diplomat said.

Obama’s recent telephone conversation praising Hamid Karzai for allowing a runoff election now seems as sophomoric as it actually was. Indicating that Obama is basically clueless and in far to far over his head as an acting president for any state, much less the United States of America.

Abdullah repeatedly talked about the need for “national unity,” but he made no mention of agreeing to take part in any future unity government with Karzai, which the U.S. and its international partners believe is the best hope for curbing the Islamic insurgency.

A statement issued by the U.S. Embassy on Sunday was more than Obamaesque vague. “We fully endorse his emphasis on national unity,” the statement said of Abdullah’s decision. Unbelievable!

Abdullah’s decision does have a positive edge for the Obama administration: A little extra dither time for Obama to make hard international decisions about the safety of the American people and our brave men and women in the armed forces who are putting their lives on the line everyday to defend America and Mr. Obama.

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